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Your Plane on Your Bag
Dress up hour new wing bag with your photo of YOUR
plane! It doesn't get any more custom than that! You send me a good
photo of your plane according to the tips below, I cut the plane out of
the background, process the image, then use our high-tech software
and printers to produce a heat & pressure applied sublimation graphic
directly to your new wing bag! Because of the process we
have to
apply the graphic before assembling your new wing bag.

Get A Good Photo
The graphic we make is dependent on a good photo that YOU TAKE, not
swiped off the Internet! 
The best photo shows some of the wing tops
without having the camera too high. Also, have the plane on a hard
surface, never on grass or anything that obscures the wheels or
other parts of the plane. The background is usually not a problem as
we will cut the plane out if it but good lighting is very important. It
doesn't have to be blinding bright, just well lit so we can get more detail
out of the image. Also, take the photo at the largest size you can. We
can shrink any photo to the needed size but can never enla
rge a small

The Upcharge
We can apply your photo to virtually any Wing Bag but that must be done before building the bag. You can add this feature to your wing bag order using the ADD box at the bottom of the Checkout page. If you have special needs or ideas, email me and I will get a price to you ASAP.

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