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Frequently Asked Questions

All Wing Bags & Components Made On Order

All of our wing bags are made upon order. There is no way for us to stock a full range of colors and other features. We are usually able to get an order shipped within a week or two, sometimes less.

Wing Bag Colors

As with any fabric-based product, colors can change somewhat between dye lots. We make each of our products from one roll of fabric to prevent shading differences.

As the volume of our work increases so does the prospect of running out of materials. It is our policy to never substitute a lessser material or product without consulting the customer first. In most cases our suppliers will have higher quality (more expensive) materials or products that we can use as a substitution. We do not charge for that kind of material cost increase as I would rather absorb that cost than try to "trick" a customer. If we have no viable alternative to the material or product that is not available we will cancel the order after consulting with the customer.

My model is not listed. Can you make a custom set?

The majority of our work is custom so we can make bags for nearly any plane. See our page showing how to measure your plane by clicking here.

Email Me with the dimensions for your plane and we can work out how to make this happen.

We have upgraded our shipping so that the customer can choose the best shipping option for them in real time.
International Shipping
We expanded our International shipping dramatically so customers can choose the best shipping mode for them in real time during checkout. If your country is not currently being serviced let us know and we will see about adding that country to the service area.

Photos for Graphics

A goods Pose for an airplane photo

Discounts do not apply to Special Order bags.
Sale prices offered in the Store apply to existing wing bag designs and do not apply to special order, one-off wing bags. 

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