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Increased Padding 

NOTE: We are now using the increased padding sizes in all Wing Bags!
For a long time, I have been searching for a reliable source for better padding to build into our wing bags. Recently I came across what appears to be a reliable source with bulk pricing that allows this improvement to our bags with minimal impact on their price.

Of course the new padding will be used in all of the custom wing bags we make!

Email me here about which Wing Bag you would like in HD.

Thicker Padding

In the  photo at right, the thinnest layer is the padding we have been using. That was about 3/8”-thick uncompressed. The second layer is the new standard padding and comes in a bit over ½”-thick uncompressed. The top, thickest layer is the new HD padding and is a little over 3/4”-tall uncompressed. Between our normal canvas and fleece layers, this new HD padding will offer protection that can only be surpassed with a scary-expensive, hard shell case .

Our unique fabric stack
Our unique fabric stack

HD Option

From this point forward all our bags with use the new, thicker standard padding, plus we will offer an HD (heavy duty), extra cost option featuring the thick HD padding. To keep this as simple as possible for our customers I will create duplicate product listings to create the HD version of our existing wing bags. If the wing bag you want does not (yet) have the HD option listing let me know and we will create one for that bag ASAP.

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