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We designed this Toe-In & Camber Plate Set to make it easy to get both settings right and to make small changes much easier to quantify. The plates have a 12MM hex recess and a 4.5mm center hole to fit most 10th scale RC stadium, short course and buggy style trucks and cars like the Assiociated 10th Scale Trophy Rat Rod used in the photos.


The 12mm hex recess requires a light "snug" of the wheel nut to set the plate on the same plane as your tire and wheel, only the flat surface  of the Toe-In & Camber Plate and ruler ledges make reading the measurements super accurate and far easer than using the sidewall of the tire.  That flat surface also makes setting camber angles precisely much easier and faster. That enables the small, accurate adjustments needed to sneak up on the perfect setup for your car, track and driving style.


You get two Toe-in and Camber plates plus four specially designed clips that let you add 3/8" square wood (we use spruce from hobby shops and home centers) that hang on the plates to help getting the wheels parallel to the chassis much easier. That HAS to be the starting point!


Note: Camber Gauge not included


Toe-in & Camber Plate Set

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